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Have you experienced, or read about, negative, and even dangerous, side effects from Fosamax (alendronate), Boniva (ibandronate), Actonel (risedronate), and other bisphosphonates prescribed for osteoporosis? If you have, then rest assured there is a safe, effective treatment for this condition. Strontium, primarily in the form of strontium citrate, is taken orally once a day.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strontium Ranelate Available In Mexico As Protos

I had been asked if strontium ranelate is available in Mexico. I knew the drug was available in different countries (not the U.S.) under various brand names. A spokesperson from Servier International just replied to my question: "Is Protelos available in Mexico? If it is available, what brand name is it sold under?" Here is the reply:

"Thank you for your interest for strontium ranelate/Protelos. In response to your question below, please be advised that strontium ranelate is available in Mexico under the brand name of Protos, however, please note that strontium ranelate has not been submitted to the FDA and, thus, is not approved for use in the USA."
Sincerely, M. Rebuffe-Scrive
Servier International


Paula Roche said...

Please be aware that the spokesperson for Servier International was also one of the defendants in the Fen-Phen case (regarding the use of that drug in connection with heart valve disease).

BoneLady said...

Paula Roche,

M. Rebuffe-Scrive is Scientific Director of Les Laboratoires Servier (LLS), the French company which developed the anti-obesity drug, dexfenfluramine. LLS was a defendant in some litigation cases pertaining to dexfenfluramine, which it marketed in Europe.

Before 1994, the Lederle Division of American Cyanamid Co. had the right, together with Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to develop and promote dexfenfluramine in the U.S. under the name "Redux." In 1994, American Home Products (AHP) acquired American Cyanamid and assumed responsibility for the development and promotion of Redux in the U.S. in conjunction with Interneuron.

Dexfenfluramine is not fen-phen. Fen-phen was an anti-obesity medication which consisted of two drugs: fenfluramine (Pondimin) and phentermine. Dexfenfluramine afforded the same anorexic effects as fenfluramine without the need to add phentermine to ameliorate adverse side effects. However, both fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine were taken off the market in Europe and the U.S. because they caused heart valve problems and potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension.

In the U.S.,there was a nationwide class action settlement with AHP for Fen-phen, Redux and Pondimin. In 1999, AHP, today known as Wyeth, agreed to pay $3.75 billion to settle Brown v. American Home Products.

Anonymous said...

Is strontium renalate available in Canada?

BoneLady said...

To Anonymous Poster of 10/06/2010:

Strontium ranelate is currently not approved for use in Canada. There are, however, several Canadian online pharmacies that purchase the drug from a country, such as the United Kingdom, where the drug is approved and then sell it to individuals with prescriptions in countries where the drug has not been approved. Importing an unapproved drug into the United States is illegal, although the FDA generally does not prosecute patients, but getting a prescription may be difficult. I am not familiar with Canadian law on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Is it not dangerous to take protelos? It contains aspartam, wich can cause cancer. Isn't it?

BoneLady said...

To Anonymous poster of 10/24/2010:

Strontium ranelate does contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener some claim has numerous negative side effects. The cancer claims in humans are unsubstantiated, however. According to the National Cancer Institute at

"A study of about half a million people, published in 2006, compared people who drank aspartame-containing beverages with those who did not. Results of the study showed that increasing levels of consumption were not associated with any risk of lymphomas, leukemias, or brain cancers in men or women.

Researchers examined the relationship between aspartame intake and 1,888 lymphomas or leukemias and 315 malignant brain cancers among the participants of the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study from 1995 until 2000. Development of these cancers was not associated with estimated aspartame consumption, refuting a recent animal study with positive findings for lymphomas and leukemias and also contradicting claims regarding brain cancer risk."

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Wandering Skeleton
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Osteoporotic Bone

Osteoporotic Bone

How Strontium Builds Bones

Strontium is a mineral that tends to accumulate in bone. Studies have shown that oral doses of strontium are a safe and effective way to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Doses of 680 mg per day appear to be optimal. See my "For More Information About Strontium" links section.

Osteoporosis is caused by changes in bone production. In healthy young bones there is a constant cycle of new bone growth and bone removal. With age, more bone is removed and less new bone is produced. The bones become less dense and thus more fragile.

Scientists believe that strontium works in two ways. It may stimulate the replication of pre-osteoblasts, leading to an increase in osteoblasts (cells that build bone). Strontium also directly inhibits the activity of osteoclasts (cells that break down bone). The result is stronger bones.

When taking strontium, be sure to take 1200 mg calcium, 1000 IU vitamin D3, and 500 mg magnesium daily. It is best to take strontium late at night on an empty stomach. Calcium and strontium may compete with each other for absorption if taken together.