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Have you experienced, or read about, negative, and even dangerous, side effects from Fosamax (alendronate), Boniva (ibandronate), Actonel (risedronate), and other bisphosphonates prescribed for osteoporosis? If you have, then rest assured there is a safe, effective treatment for this condition. Strontium, primarily in the form of strontium citrate, is taken orally once a day.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Quantitative Ultrasound as Alternative to DXA

Because BMD measured by DXA is prone to overestimation when one is taking strontium, I look at the CHANGE in my DXA score (at each site) from one scan to the next, not the absolute value. So far (10 years on strontium), each scan has been progressively better than the previous scan.

Another option for someone on strontium is to have a quantitative ultrasound (QUS) to assess bone health. QUS is not affected by strontium content in bone. Another positive is that the procedure uses ultrasound waves, not radiation.


Anonymous said...

What brand of strontium citrate do you recommend?

BoneLady said...

To Anonymous of 8/2/18:

I take two capsules of AOR Strontium Support II daily. The only other ingredient besides strontium citrate is sodium stearyl fumarate. The capsule is made of hypromellose, glycerin and purified water. I like that Advanced Orthomolecular Research was the first company in the world to deliver strontium citrate (SC). That fact is stated on the company's website. I like that this SC is manufactured in Canada using GMP manufacturing, quality assurance, and independent testing. I trust the company. I'm sure there are other good SC products, but this is the one I take.

Dragonfly said...

When I received my new bottle of AOR Strontium Support II, I noticed first the label change and then the decrease in serving size to one pill. I wrote them and this is their reply:

"The dosage has changed from what I believe was 682 mg to 341 mg. The serving size says 1 on the new bottles, but you can take 2 to get up to the original 682 mg. This was done as some customers who take blood related medications can experience clotting symptoms at higher doses."

I'm seriously thinking of dropping strontium from my supplements. I thought this was the answer, but I'm reading more and more negative reports about strontium citrate. How is anyone to know what is best for them?

I know you can't answer this either, but it is certainly frustrating.


BoneLady said...

Dear Maya,

I also had noticed the change in directions from two capsules to one capsule daily and had assumed the company was just being cautious.

As you know, 680 mg strontium is the clinical dosage recommended for treating osteoporosis with strontium ranelate (SR). A supplement company cannot claim its products treat any medical condition. So, recommending half the dosage for strontium citrate (SC) is a subtle way of acknowledging that the product is a supplement for promoting healthy bones, not for treating osteoporosis.

The last sentence on the label under “Caution,” states: “Those who have or are at high risk for blood clots, heart diseases and/or circulatory, or have kidney disease must not use this product.”

The list of cautions was developed from studies of SR, not SC, but the Canadian health authorities made AOR and other companies selling SC in Canada add warnings to their SC products, anyway.

AOR’s comment to you that the dosage recommendation was lowered because “some customers who take blood related medications can experience clotting symptoms at higher doses" means that customers taking blood anticoagulants (blood thinners) because they are at high risk of developing blood clots, could experience clotting if taking SC at higher doses.

I am still taking two capsules of AOR Strontium Support II. I have had no negative side effects in almost 11 years of taking SC.

You have to do what’s right for you. I wish you well whatever you decide.

Maya said...

I have reconsidered because I too have been taking it for at least 10 years without any issues and I don't take blood meds. Within a few days of not taking it, I could tell a difference in how my back felt. So I restarted slowly and worked up. I've sure appreciated your blog. You're very scholastic in presentation. As a journalist, I really appreciate someone who produces their sources.

Wandering Skeleton

Wandering Skeleton
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Osteoporotic Bone

Osteoporotic Bone

How Strontium Builds Bones

Strontium is a mineral that tends to accumulate in bone. Studies have shown that oral doses of strontium are a safe and effective way to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Doses of 680 mg per day appear to be optimal. See my "For More Information About Strontium" links section.

Osteoporosis is caused by changes in bone production. In healthy young bones there is a constant cycle of new bone growth and bone removal. With age, more bone is removed and less new bone is produced. The bones become less dense and thus more fragile.

Scientists believe that strontium works in two ways. It may stimulate the replication of pre-osteoblasts, leading to an increase in osteoblasts (cells that build bone). Strontium also directly inhibits the activity of osteoclasts (cells that break down bone). The result is stronger bones.

When taking strontium, be sure to take 1200 mg calcium, 1000 IU vitamin D3, and 500 mg magnesium daily. It is best to take strontium late at night on an empty stomach. Calcium and strontium may compete with each other for absorption if taken together.