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Skeleton Pirate
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Have you experienced, or read about, negative, and even dangerous, side effects from Fosamax (alendronate), Boniva (ibandronate), Actonel (risedronate), and other bisphosphonates prescribed for osteoporosis? If you have, then rest assured there is a safe, effective treatment for this condition. Strontium, primarily in the form of strontium citrate, is taken orally once a day.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Daily Supplements Update

I take one of each supplement daily, except for strontium. I take two capsules of strontium per day.

  1. Bluebonnet Lecithin, 1365 mg in one softgel
  2. Solgar Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, 1000 mg per tablet
  3. Country Life, Gluten Free, Calcium Magnesium Complex (500 mg Ca, 250 mg Mg per tablet)
  4. Doctor’s Best Lutein with Optilut, 20 mg lutein esters yielding 10 mg minimum of free lutein, 2 mg zeaxanthin per capsule
  5. AOR Strontium Support II, 341 mg strontium (from citrate) per capsule (two capsules daily)
  6. Nature Made Multi for Him, No Iron (Not a typo. My husband and I both take this multivitamin.)
  7. Nature Made Vitamin C, 500 mg
  8. Solgar Natural Vitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocopherol plus d-Beta, d-Delta and d-Gamma Tocopherols), 400 IU
  9. Nature’s Way Primadophilus bifidus (This is a probiotic.)
10. Solgar Sublingual Methylcobalamin, 5000 mcg
11. Solgar Zinc (as zinc gluconate), 50 mg

I have made a few changes since my last daily supplements update on June 11, 2015:

The most significant change was the switch from Doctor’s Best Strontium Bone Maker to AOR Strontium Support II. I made this change after Doctor’s Best was sold to a Chinese company and before discovering that Doctor's Best Strontium was discontinued in July 2016 (60- and 120-count bottles) and September 2016 (360-count bottle).  

I reduced my dosage of Bluebonnet Lecithin from two to one softgel, which is a serving per the label. Many years earlier, I had been taking three softgels per day. The reason for my latest dosage reduction is that there is currently some controversy about the health benefits of lecithin. I’ve been taking it for many years for cardiovascular health.  See the introduction and the section on “Biology” in Wikipedia for an overview of lecithin, choline, and phospholipids, such as phosphatidylcholines, a class of phospholipids that incorporate choline as a head group.  “Effects of choline on health across the life course: a systematic review.”

I also switched from Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E to Solgar Vitamin E, from Twin Labs Zinc to Solgar Zinc, and from Country Life Citrus Bioflavonoids and Rutin to Solgar Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex. These changes were due solely to unavailability at my online supplement distributor,, which no longer stocks Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E or Twin Labs Zinc. Country Life Citrus Bioflavonoids and Rutin is out of stock at until 12/25/2016. I may buy whichever bioflavonoid brand is available when I reorder.

I like my supplier’s next day air expedited shipping (at extra cost) because some vitamins and supplements are heat labile. I am unhappy with its current policy of giving a discount, based on total amount of current invoice, for my NEXT purchase rather than for my CURRENT purchase, as was previously done. This policy has raised my costs. 


Marilyn Pinkerton said...

What made AOR Strontium II stand out from the rest. I notice you don't use Life Extension products?

BoneLady said...

Dear Marilyn Pinkerton,

You’re right. I don’t use any Life Extension products. If I were to take a vitamin K supplement, I would certainly consider Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 complex.

Reasons I chose AOR strontium citrate to replace Doctor’s Best Strontium Bone Maker:

1. In 2002, AOR was the first company in the world to produce supplemental strontium citrate for bone health. This information is on the company’s website.
2. The amounts of strontium per capsule are 340 mg for Doctor’s Best and 341 mg for AOR. Two capsules per day of either product provide the most effective dosage for those with osteoporosis.
3. AOR Strontium Support II contains strontium citrate and no other ingredients. In other words, there are no fillers. The capsule is composed of hypromellose and water.
4. I have read reports from several people who have taken AOR strontium and have had improved results on their DXA scans. These were not product reviewers. They were people on an online forum for osteoporosis.

Reasons I prefer AOR Strontium Support II to Life Extension Strontium:

1. I don’t know when Life Extension began producing its strontium citrate product, and it doesn’t matter, but it definitely wasn’t the first company to do so because AOR was.
2. Life Extension Strontium Caps come in 250-mg capsules, with a serving size of three capsules (total of 750 mg strontium). I don’t want to take three capsules per day, and two capsules contain only 500 mg strontium, which is short of the 680-mg optimum dosage determined from multiple clinical studies.
3. Life Extension Strontium contains microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate and silica. It also contains corn. The capsule is made of vegetable cellulose. I prefer a product with no fillers, although Doctor’s Best Strontium also contained fillers.
4. I have not read any reports, other than those of product reviewers, from people who have successfully used Life Extension Strontium for at least one year. This may change in the future, as more people find alternatives to Doctor’s Best Strontium Bone Maker, which was one of the most popular brands, probably the most popular brand, of strontium citrate for many years.

suzanjane said...

When i first started w strontium citrate i asked if 1 a day would be sufficient for me with osteopenia. You agreed and i have done this for 2 years now. my latest bone density numbers are: lumbar -0.8 Hip -1.2. I will now start using AOR Strontium Support II and wonder if i could reduce to one every other day? I was relieved to find that this strontium citrate is available in Canada!

suzanjane said...
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BoneLady said...


Your current T-scores of -0.8 at the lumbar spine and -1.2 at the hip indicate that your spine is in the lower end of the normal range, and your hip is still in the osteopenia stage. I would continue with one strontium citrate tablet daily until your next DXA scan and until all your scores are well into the normal ranges. You have done very well, and I am hoping your gains continue.

suzanjane said...

Thanks for your prompt response. AOR SS II en route to me now!

Wandering Skeleton

Wandering Skeleton
Artist: Joel Hoekstra

Osteoporotic Bone

Osteoporotic Bone

How Strontium Builds Bones

Strontium is a mineral that tends to accumulate in bone. Studies have shown that oral doses of strontium are a safe and effective way to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Doses of 680 mg per day appear to be optimal. See my "For More Information About Strontium" links section.

Osteoporosis is caused by changes in bone production. In healthy young bones there is a constant cycle of new bone growth and bone removal. With age, more bone is removed and less new bone is produced. The bones become less dense and thus more fragile.

Scientists believe that strontium works in two ways. It may stimulate the replication of pre-osteoblasts, leading to an increase in osteoblasts (cells that build bone). Strontium also directly inhibits the activity of osteoclasts (cells that break down bone). The result is stronger bones.

When taking strontium, be sure to take 1200 mg calcium, 1000 IU vitamin D3, and 500 mg magnesium daily. It is best to take strontium late at night on an empty stomach. Calcium and strontium may compete with each other for absorption if taken together.